New 2017 Colt Cowls Catalogue OUT SOON!

Date Posted: 17 November 2016


Recognising the needs and wishes of their customers Colt Cowls, market leaders since 1931, have just launched their latest catalogue. Stuffed full of new products and designed to help with the installation of flues and chimney liners this catalogue is the go to publication for the chimney trade.

The catalogue is bigger because it introduces a range of new products designed to give maximum choice, and better, because customer’s requests and comments have been listened to and products designed to suit their requirements.

Colt Cowls, have had several years of experience of selling flue liner and is now pleased to announce a new range providing exceptional value for money.  Called Flexiwall™ Flue Liner it is designed to provide a clear passage for  smoke and flue gases from solid fuel and wood burning appliances. The new Flexiwall™ Flue Liner comes in a variety of different diameters and has one of, if not the smoothest internal surface of  all liners on the market. The flatter interior gives it the advantage of making it less likely to attract a build-up of acidic sooty by-products and deposits giving the flue system a longer life. The 316/316 range comes with a 20 year warranty and 904/904 35 years warranty - one of the longest on the market - and is offered with a next day delivery service.

Further increasing their range of chimney liner Colt Cowls is also offering Twinflex from Turner and Wilson. The Turner and Wilson brand is synonymous with quality and is extremely popular with installers all around the UK. It has also stood the test of time having been produced and sold since 1964.

Also contained in the catalogue is a vastly expanded range of Chimney liner components which include screw fit adapters which are designed to appeal to the trade as they make installation far easier.

The Star Flex adapter is another brand new product and allows chimney liner to be supported from the top of the chimney pot while enabling the installer to backfill with a loose installation material around the outside of the liner. This product can be used on its own or in conjunction with either a standard Colt Chimney Cowl or a suspended cowl such as the High Top Flex.

Listening to the needs and wishes of customers Colt Cowls have also introduced under different cover a separate economy range. Offered at extremely attractive prices the new Economy Range of cowls includes the Econoguard® Solid Fuel Chimney Birdguard, a simple, easy to fit birdguaurd which prevents rain, bird and animal entry into chimneys. Also aware of the increase in demand for stainless steel chimney terminals Colt Cowls introduce the Econocowl® Anti Downdraught Cowl. Manufactured in stainless steel this product is ultra-durable and can be used on all aggressive smokeless fuels. Another product in this new range is the Econolid® Chimney Cap. Supplied with a strap fixing kit this product is a low cost chimney cap for disused chimneys or a simple chimney cowl to stop rain entry.

Colt Cowls have a product to suit all pockets and customers can be confident in the knowledge that whatever the price Colt Cowls products are quality.

The Chimney Cowl range is available from Builders Merchants, fireplace centres and many hardware shops throughout the country. The Chimney Cowl catalogue can be obtained by calling Head Office on 0870 241 1041 or visit

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