Birdguard Cowls

Chimney Birdguards from Colt Cowls

Colt Cowls offer a comprehensive range of high quality birdguards for use on chimneys and flues. The primary purpose of a chimney birdguard is to prevent the entry of birds and other pests into chimneys while also allowing the safe evacuation of gases and fumes. Many products within the birdguard range also offer rain protection.

Products include the exceptionally popular High Top Birdguard series available for solid fuels and gas, also in stainless steel and buff or terracotta colours to blend with chimney pots. Rain Tops, Spark Arresters (for thatched buildings), and Decorative style birdguards are also available. A new addition to the range is the Cone Top Birdguard Stainless Steel which is rapidly becoming popular with many installers.

Colt Chimney Cowls now also supplies the Econoguard Birdguard. This new chimney birdguard forms part of the economy range and is a low cost birdguard option for those installers and end users working on a budget. The low cost Econoguard birdguard is very good quality, and will keep birds out of the chimney as well as preventing rain entry. This chimney birdguard can be installed on chimney pots up to 250mm internal diameter.

Whatever birdguard cowl for chimney pots you are looking for you are likely to find it right here.