Chimney Caps & Draught Excluders

A range of chimney caps and draught excluders for capping off and insulating disused or redundant chimneys while maintaining ventilation.

Disused chimney caps are usually installed on chimney pots where you have a redundant chimney or disused chimney. Colt Chimney Cowls supplied 2 types of chimney cap or chimney capper as they are generally known. The Top Lid 3 Chimney caps is a top of the range chimney cap option which entirely caps off the chimney pot meaning no water ingress of even bird on insect entry into the chimney can take place. It also comes with a very small vent cap which allows the chimney to remain ventilated. The chimney cap is supplied with a jubillee band and legs to attach to the chimney pot.

The Econolid chimney cap is a new product in the Colt chimney cowl range. This low cost chimney cap is designed with the end user or installer working on a budget in mind. the chimney cap will entirely cap off chimney pots right up to 250mm internal diamter. Again it comes complete with a strap fixing kit and legs to attach it to the chimney pot.

Recently Colt Cowls have added the Chimney Sheep draught excluder to their range. A product that is perfect for use in conjunction with a Top Lid 3