Chimney Sheep draught excluder. Round flue shape.
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New from Colt Cowls comes the Chimney Sheep draught excluder!

This amazing product helps prevent heat from escaping up your chimney, reducing those cold draughts when the chimney is not in use saving the typical household money!

It is also very environmentally friendly being made from the highly durable, insulating and naturally hygroscopic wool of the Herdwick sheep. Once inserted into your chimney flue, the 4.43 tog rated Chimney Sheep acts like a duvet, blocking airflow and insulate your chimney, whilst naturally permitting sufficient ventilation.

It comes with a 6″ handle and 6″ extension rod, giving 12″ of reach altogether.

  • Durable & washable felt head
  • Rigorously tested by BSRIA and University of Liverpool
  • Stops cold air from entering the home via the chimney
  • Prevents warm air from leaving the house while still allowing ventilation through the sheep wool fibres
  • Reduces chimney noise
  • Prevents wildlife and debris from falling in

In contrast to inflatable chimney blockers and chimney umbrellas, which require a small gap to be left in your flue to allow ventilation, the woollen pad of the Chimney Sheep compresses to fit flues of all shapes and sizes. Leaving no gaps for draughts, your chimney will breathe through the Sheep’s natural wool fibres, which therefore prevent heat loss far more efficiently than any other chimney draught excluder.

For a quick and easy guide to measuring and fitting the Chimney Sheep chimney draught excluder have a quick watch of the video below:




The Chimney Sheep® is low tech and easy to use, but you need to have an idea of the size and shape of your fireplace. Have a squint into the top of the fireplace. The sheep works by being a little bit bigger than the flue so it can grip onto the sides and hold itself in place. The amount of overlap doesn’t matter too much as the felt is squashy and can fit into a range of gaps.

What size chimney draught excluder do I need?

If you have a head torch it helps for this bit, but if not just get a regular torch, light or mobile phone torch and prop it up so you can see up your chimney. Mind out for soot getting in your eyes. Get a tape measure. If you have a round flue, measure the diameter.

If you have a round flue, you want a round sheep that is an inch or so larger than the flue.

If you have any other shaped flue, measure the depth and width of the nearest narrowest part. Don’t worry if it’s an odd shape, just measure the widest bits and the wool felt will mold in to fit.

Next, check the height above the fireplace. The Sheep comes with a 6” (150mm) handle and 6” (150mm) extension rod, and can be extended another 12”. More than that and the extensions get a bit of a wobble on them. It’s easier to fit a large sheep lower down than a small sheep high up.

It’s very important that the handle is long enough – firstly because it’s a lot easier to put in, and secondly the end of the handle must show in the fireplace so that no-one inadvertently lights a fire with the Sheep in place.

If you have a square, oblong, D-shaped, trapezium shaped or similar use the chimney draught excluder sizing chart (all measurements in inches) below to help you. Remember that a round sheep will squash into a trapezium or oblong hole.

If you have a chimney flue that doesn’t match any of the sizes given you may need to have one made specially – let us know your chimney dimensions and we can give you a quote for getting a bespoke one made. If it’s between two sizes it will be between those two prices.

How do I fit it?

Just push the wool head into the narrow part of the flue. You may need to tug it down gently to ensure a good fit. That’s it. When you want to remove it, pull gently in case there is any debris collected on it that has fallen down the chimney. Tap any loose soot into the fireplace, and put it in a bag.

Are you concerned about the rising costs of your energy bills? Or perhaps while looking for a device that will stop your cats from getting up the chimney, you are also on the hunt for an eco-friendly chimney draught solution? Then you’ll soon be wondering why you hadn’t invested in our durable chimney draught excluder earlier.

An ideal investment for the climate conscious – the Chimney Sheep is a highly efficient energy saving device, which is also 100% biodegradable. Operating very much like a chimney plug, the Chimney Sheep blocks the airflow through your chimney, in order to prevent warm heat (and cats) from escaping and cold draughts from invading – It’s a chimney draught solution!


Size chart for chimney draught exluder (all labels in inches)

Colour indicates which product to purchase.

Width (across top) x Depth (along side) All in inches.



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