Colt Cowls Attends JJ Roofing Show 2018!

Date Posted: 11 July 2018

Colt Cowls’ Sales Account Manager Rhys Davies had a lovely time in the sun at JJ Roofing’s Cricklewood branch on Tuesday 3rd July. Equipped with some of our best products and our trusty gazebo, Rhys was able to meet members of JJ Roofing’s staff as well as trade customers on the day.

Rhys meeting members of the trade interested in Rotorvent cowls. You can find out more about our Rotorvents here:

The summer is always a good time to take advantage of some roofing work and to install a chimney birdguard. That’s why Rhys had our Colt Top 2 antidowndraught cowl, Rotorvent Ultralite 2, Econocowl antidowndraught cowl, and Econoguard birdguard cowls with him. All are designed to prevent bird entry into your chimney pot. In Spring and Summer, pesky birds will often see your clay chimney pot as a place to settle down, this can lead to dangerous safety concerns for both you and the birds themselves! Nests can block flues, causing smoke to come back down into your living rooms. Birds can also become trapped down chimneys, leading to feathery fatalities. Chimney birdguards are a clever and safe way of maintaining balance in the relationship between man and fowl.

Example of safety concerns for birds if no birdguard in place. Photo taken by Wilsons Chimneys @no1sweep. Source:

Our Top Lid 3 Chimney Cap is also an excellent product in stopping unwanted bird or rain entry. Ideal for disused chimneys, the Top Lid 3 will block off an open chimney pot but will ensure that ventilation can still reach the inside of your chimney. Consider the Top Lid for any disused chimneys you may have!

Find more information about the Top Lid 3 Chimney Cap here:

The JJ Roofing show now joins the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, the National Merchant Buying Society, & the National Association of Chimney Sweeps exhibitions as another enjoyable trade show for Colt Cowls. We look forward to doing it again at the same place next year!

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