How to fit a chimney cowl

Date Posted: 22 February 2019

How to fit a chimney cowl. Chimney cowl fitting guide.

Fitting a chimney cowl is the stage after asking yourself the question. Do I need a chimney cowl? Once you have decided that you want to install a chimney cowl you might use a chimney sweep or local builder. However, some rather more adventurous people might decide to DIY fitting a chimney cowl.

If that is the case, then the following simple chimney cowl fitting videos will help greatly.

As part of Colt Cowls perpetual drive to provide better quality, better value, and better service to our customers we have recently invested in the production of some installation videos on 4 of the main products within the Colt Cowl range. These include the Colt Top, High Top Birdguard, High Top Flex (Pot Hanger cowl) and Rotorvent. These videos are generic for other products within their range for example the Colt Top installation video can be used for Colt Top All Purpose, Gas, Buff and Trade versions.

Fitting a chimney cowl - The Colt Top chimney cowl by Colt Cowls

Fitting a chimney birdguard cowl- The High Top Birdguard by Colt Cowls

Fitting a pot hanger chimney liner cowl to chimney liner - The High Top Flex by Colt Cowls

Fitting a revolving cowl. Fitting a spinning cowl. Fitting a rotating cowl. The Rotorvent® by Colt Cowls