Stainless Steel Chimney Cowls

Date Posted: 07 August 2019

Chimney cowls have been manufactured from many materials over the centuries including clay, metal and many centuries ago even wood. However, since Colt Cowls invented the first commercially successful chimney cowl in 1931 most chimney cowls have been manufactured from a variety of metals. For most of this and last century, The Colt Cowl, of which over 3 million have been successfully sold and installed in the UK in the last 80 years has been made from aluminium.

More latterly a huge range of chimney cowls and birdguards have been sold, particularly in the wake of an ever increasing solid fuel burning market. Many of the lower quality manufacturers have chosen to make chimney cowls from low quality steel and rivet them together. Sadly, this form of making chimney cowls, whilst cheap, does not offer good quality and a product that lasts. Steel tends to corrode very quickly when subjected to smoke from fuels being burnt and outside environmental conditions such as salty sea air. Colt Cowls have always manufactured the bulk of their products from aluminium and stainless steel with stainless steel fixings.

While market leaders Colt Cowls have undoubtedly got a reputation for selling high quality chimney cowls, in more recent years Colt Chimney Cowls have forged ahead with offering high quality stainless steel chimney cowls to help cope with the increasing use of corrosive smokeless fuels like anthracite and furnicite.

Stainless steel chimney cowls have included the High Top Birdguard Stainless Steel as a multi fuel birdguard with robust base for easy installation. The High Top Flex Stainless Steel which is the same as the High Top Birdguard cowl, but with a spigot for connecting to stainless steel chimney liner. The Rotorvent revolving chimney cowl which is an anti-downdraught chimney cowl with a revolving bowl made from stainless steel.

The latest addition to the stainless steel chimney cowls range offered by Colt Cowls is the Econocowl®. The Econocowl® is an entirely stainless steel anti downdraught cowl designed for use on solid fuels. It is installed with a simple stainless steel jubilee band and being manufactured from stainless steel means it is far more durable and very unlikely to corrode under any circumstances meaning it has a longer life. Not only is this a stainless steel chimney cowl, but it is also power coated in terracotta colour to match with chimney pots but also to provide even more protection from the elements. Lastly, whilst this is an exceptional quality chimney cowl it is being offered at an unbelievably low price proving that high quality, low price and good value is possible without making an inferior product.

Colt Cowls – better quality, better value.