NEW 316 Stainless Steel range with BSI Kitemark award!

Date Posted: 02 October 2020

Colt Cowls introduce NEW 316 Stainless Steel range with BSI Kitemark award!

Colt Cowls have launched three great new 316 stainless steel chimney cowls which have all been awarded the world-famous BSI Kitemark meaning customers can be absolutely confident of quality and that the cowls comply with current regulations. These include the High Top Birdguard, The High Top Flex (‘pot hanger cowl’) birdguard and the Econotop anti downdraught cowl, all of which are suitable for solid fuels.

All cowls within the new 316 range come with a lifetime guarantee! That is to say that if the product ever failed it would be replaced completely free of charge. The new 316 range of colt chimney cowls represents the absolute best quality selection of chimney cowls available anywhere on the market.


What is a Kitemark?

You might well recognise the symbol, below. It is usually used on products where safety is paramount and can be on anything from crash helmets to smoke alarms. It is owned and operated by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and only awarded to companies who can demonstrate that they are able to meet the requirements of the relevant British and European (BSEN) and meet exacting quality standards.

In addition, companies with the Kitemark are continuously audited against accredited quality management and production systems. In other words, if you see a product with a Kitemark you can rest assured you are buying a quality product meeting all the relevant standards!


Do I need a 316 stainless steel chimney cowl?

If you want to purchase a chimney cowl (‘Rain Cap’) that is fully compliant with BSEN16475-7:2016 for use on all fuels it must be made of 316 stainless steel.



There is an argument that ‘anti downdraught chimney cowls’ and ‘birdguard's’ primary functions are not to prevent the entry of rain. By that definition you could argue they are not ‘rain caps’, and therefore shouldn’t be subject to BSEN16475-7:2016.

At Colt Cowls we just want to make life easy for you, so we have designed a range of cowls in 316 that cover ALL so you can buy with confidence!

Quality guaranteed:

Colt Cowls have been making chimney cowls for over 80 years. You can be sure our offer has stood the test of time! Colt Cowl products have been designed to withstand normal operating temperatures in chimney flues. Since 1931, millions of Colt Cowl products have been installed.

The 316 Range: 

Colt Cowls have steamed ahead with offering the best of the best, high quality 316 grade stainless steel chimney cowls to help with the increasing use of corrosive smokeless fuels like anthracite and phurnacite.

The 316 range has been designed to help prevent and ensure better resistance to the chemical by products and gases created when burning smokeless fuel. Not only that but 316 stainless steel is also better at combatting the corrosive effects of salty sea air in coastal areas.