The Perfect Chimney Cowl

Date Posted: 14 September 2023

The Perfect Chimney Cowl – The Econotop 316 from Colt Cowls

Is there such a thing as perfection? Well…perhaps not but Colt Cowls believes when it comes to chimney cowls the new Econotop 316 Stainless Steel is as close to perfection as you can get.

Of course, the next question is why? How can Colt Cowls make such a bold claim…well lets look at the facts.

Question: Does it work on any type of fuel?

Answer: Yes! It is suitable for use on all types of solid fuels including wood and because it is made of 316 stainless steel smokeless fuels (anthracite, phurnatice etc) as well. It is also suitable for use on gas because it possesses a gas mesh birdguard (which can be removed for use on solid fuels)

Question: Is it anti downdraught and does it keep the rain out?

Answer: Yes! The aerodynamically shaped Econotop helps prevent downdraught. At the same time, because the sides are partially closed off it helps prevent driving rain from finding its way down the chimney. If the rain falls vertically? It will simply go through the banana slots at the top and will be channelled down the outside of the chimney pot by the cowl.

Question: Is it easy to install?

Answer: Yes! It comes complete with the very well tried and tested jubilee band used on the majority of chimney cowls sold in the UK. The legs are even attached to the cowl already saving installers even more time.

Question: Does it have a guarantee?

Answer: Yes! Not only does it come with the well know Colt Cowls Money Back Guarantee first introduced in the early 1930’s which is to say that if it does not solve the problem encountered (downdraught problems) within a reasonable period of use the customer is entitled to their money back. It also comes with a LIFETIME guarantee! If the product fails at any stage in the future Colt Cowls will replace the product completely free of charge.

Question: Has it been tested?

Answer: Yes! Not only has it been tested to existing standard BSEN1856-1:2003 it has also been tested to BSEN 16475-7:2016 a standard that has not yet been normalised!

Question: Does it have anything else that can confirm its better than any other cowls out there?

Answer: Yes! It has the BSI Kitemark. This mark is only awarded to companies who are able to demonstrate that they are able to meet the exacting quality and production requirements of the relevant British and European (BSEN) standards.

Question: Surely its not compact and aesthetically pleasing too?

Answer: Yes! Its probably the smallest chimney cowl Colt Cowls produces. The benefits of this are obvious…less storage space required and lower delivery costs for distributors, and more space available on vans for installers! Regards looks….well we think this cowl is pretty subtle on top of a chimney pot.


The Econotop 316 Stainless Steel is available with free next day delivery anywhere in mainland UK. Ford your copy of the latest Colt Cowls Catalogue please call 01243 781559