Rotorvent Cowls

Rotorvent® Revolving chimney cowl range

The Rotorvent® range is widely regarded as the highest quality range of revolving chimney cowls available in the UK. The original Rotorvent® was introduced in 1997, and since that time the range has expanded to incorporate the many technical breakthroughs there have been in both design and manufacture.
The Rotorvent® spinning cowl offering now comprises the new lower cost, lighter weight Rotorvent® Ultralite 2, and the tried and tested market leading Rotorvent® Turbolite.


All Rotorvent® products have been designed with over 80 years experience of the aerodynamics of chimney cowls. The original Rotorvent® was developed with one prime objective:- to be the most efficient and powerful rotating chimney cowl on the market. This purpose has never been forgotten. In fact, we are so confident of the Rotorvent® range that all products within it are offered with the well known Colt Cowl unconditional money back guarantee. All Rotorvent® products continue to be made using the unique fin fixing system introduced over a decade ago. This system ensures that the blades of the fin stay where they should. External welding or riveting of the fins has proven in the past to have failed, and so all Rotorvents® use centrifugal forces to their advantage. As the rotating chimney cowl accelerates, the tabs are forced inside the collar, putting no pressure whatsoever on the weld and indeed strengthening the structure.

Rotorvent® Turbolite

This relatively new revolving cowl is lighter, more aerodynamic and more efficient than the original Rotorvent® and now comes with an additional strap fixing kit included.
The same high specifications that made the original Rotorvent® such a popular product are included in this product as standard. Fins are made from stainless steel, and the same fin fixing method which has been tried and tested for many years is still utilised.
The main benefits of the Rotorvent® Turbolite can be seen on the base of the product. The base is made from pressure die cast aluminium affording a strong and durable finish. The base is 30% lighter than the original Rotorvent whilst maintaining its strength. The rounder, thinner and more aerodynamically designed legs help achieve a greater flow of gases through a larger area making the performance altogether superior. Tests indicate that the Turbolite provides even better performance than the original Rotorvent. Above all these benefits the Turbolite comes complete with 2 fixing methods. The time honoured hook bolt is still the preferred method of fixing Rotorvents®, but included with the Turbolite is a strap fixing kit. Hook Bolts can be tightened in the same way but there is now the option of the strap fixing kit as well for extra security in areas of the country with very high wind speeds. The legs simply attach underneath the wingnut, drop down the outside of the chimney pot or flue where the jubilee clip is then fastened.

Rotorvent® Ultralite 2

The all new Rotorvent® Ultralite 2 is an extremely competitively priced, high quality revolving chimney cowl which
can lay claim to being the lightest
revolving cowl on the market. Weighing under 2kg, it is an amazing 40% lighter than the original Rotorvent. This makes the product even more ideal for additional applications such as installation on top of methane vents as well as traditional flues and chimney pots.
Yet another technical breakthrough by Colt Cowls has meant that the Ultralight revolving cowl is made substantially from aluminium.

Mini Rotorvent®

The Mini Rotorvent® is designed to fit smaller flues and is also suitable for use on landfill sites and methane vent pipes.

Colt Cowls Money Back Guarantee

Another mark of quality associated with Colt Cowls is the Colt Cowls Money Back Guarantee. On all 3 of the above models, Rotorvent® Turbolite, Rotorvent® Ultralite 2 and Mini Rotorvent there is an unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Experience has shown that only in isolated cases will our product range fail to solve the problem encountered. If, having installed the product correctly, the downdraught problem still remains, simply return it to the place of purchase (whether bought directly from Colt Cowls, or through any of our distributors, or builders merchants) within a reasonable period, with full prood of purchase, for a full other words with Colt Cowls you cannot really lose!

Generally speaking most downdraught problems can be solved with a static anti downdraught chimney cowl like the Colt Top Chimney Cowl or the Colt Top 2 Chimney Cowl. As both these chimney cowls come with an unconditional money back guarantee, it may be wise to try one of these chimney cowls first before spending money on the more expensive revolving rotorvent® cowls. However, there are circumstances when a revolving chimney cowl like the rotorvent is the only option.