Storm Ciara wreaks havoc with stoves and fireplaces!

Date Posted: 10 February 2020

This weekend saw storm Ciara rip accross the country causing devestation and flooding in many areas.

The storm brought with it high winds, in fact many places in the UK reported wind speeds in excess of 100mph!

Storms like these may well prove to be more common these days as we feel the effects of a changing climate with global warming. As well as the major disruption that storms can cause, the wind and rain they bring can also cause problems with your stove or fireplace.

Wind at the top of the chimney can create negative pressure which can mean you get a serious downdraught problem just when you really need your stove or fireplace the most. When downdraught occurs it can cause either a smokey fireplace meaning soot and smoke blowing back into your lounge/ living room or worse still you may not even be able to light your stove or fireplace. In recent years with the boom in the installation of stoves the importance of installing anti downdraught chimney cowls like the Colt Top All Purpose seems to have been forgotten a little. This is natural as the end user is far more fixated on the end product of the stove and the way it looks. It is only when windy conditions cause downdraught problems in chimneys that the end user becomes aware of the importance of having an anti downdraught cowl installed. Even if the stove or fireplace is not lit, the soot is often blown back in the room making the place filthy. Worse still when this has an element of moisture from the rain it can settle on carpets and sofas and be very difficult to remove. Happily the answer to solving these problems is by having a good quality anti downdraught cowl fitted. Over 1 million Colt Tops have been installed since 1985 in UK homes, and prior to that 3 million Colt Cowls

Colt Cowls are therefore rightly the market leaders in the chimney cowl industry with the company really inventing the first commercially successful anti downdraught cowls nearly 100 years ago. The company now produces the largest range of anti downdraught cowls in the country. These include the Colt Top range, the Colt Top 2 range, Econocowls & Econotops (for those working to a tight budget) and the Rotorvent range

Colt Cowls are also the only chimney cowl company in the UK who bear the BSI Kitemark underlining the companies dedication to quality and setting itself apart from the competition. The Kitemark is usually used on products where safety is paramount and can be on anything from crash helmets to smoke alarms. It is owned and operated by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and only awarded to companies who can demonstrate that they are abnle to meet the requirements of the relevant British and European (BSEN) and meet exacting standards.

So if you are looking to combat your downdraught problem, get a Colt Cowl! Our sales team is available monday to friday on 01243 781559 to talk you through the options.